Help Others Discover Their Why

The Facilitator's Edition allows you to share multiple licenses of Simon Sinek's online Why Discovery Course with the people you wish to guide through the process. It’s a great way for a coach, brand consultant or leader to work alongside individuals or a group of people as they navigate to discover their Why. The course can be a valuable resource to add to your coaching, consulting or personal development toolkit. Each license is intended for one person so that they have the opportunity to capture, save and move through the course work at their own pace. Watch the Learn How It Works video to the left and read more about what is included with a Facilitator Account below. 


Facilitator Guide
This simple 25-page guide takes you step-by-step through
the facilitation process.

It gives a clear outline of each section, suggested timelines,
email templates and checklists for each section.
Complimentary Access for Facilitators
It's important to experience something first before we serve as a guide for others. For that reason, we provide Facilitators with free access to their own course license. If you've already accessed the Single or Gift License of the course, you'll keep access to your completed course or to the progress you've already made.
Track Participant Progress
From your Facilitator Tab, you are able to track each participants’ progress, see when they last accessed the course and when they have completed it.

Note: to protect the privacy of the participant, you are not able to access participants’ course to view the details of their work.
Habit Changer Program
As coaches and consultants, you know it's the little steps each day that
lead to great change. We've created this 30-day program providing daily emails with inspiration and tips to help your participants live their Why.

In the Facilitator's Guide, we've provided a few email templates which compliment the Habit Changer Program to help you check in and
support your participants in living their Why.
Podcast: Partner to Discover your Why
It’s impossible to be objective with ourselves at all times. We’ve created
this podcast episode to share the importance of working with a partner in discovering your Why.

Bundle Pricing

2 - 9 license ($119.00 per license)
10 - 24 ($105.00 per license)
25 - 40 ($95.00 per license)

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You are only allowed to purchase from 2 to 40 licenses. To inquire about facilitating more than 40 people please speak to our team to learn more and help you inspire others.
A Facilitator Account comes with a minimum of
2 licenses. To inquire about facilitating more than 40 people through the online course, please contact our team to learn more so that we can help you inspire others.