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With his unplugged, passionate communication style, John Jackson brings to the Why community a new conversation in the concepts and principles of true leadership and how it relates to success in every area of one’s life.

John is passionate about serving and supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners with empowering tools and resources. “I spent years as an employee … as a contract manager in Emergency Medicine and then as “the Home Depot guy” … I know firsthand the subtle, but powerful, shifts that we must embrace to move from being the follower and simply taking life as it’s handed to us, to really embracing a life of our own design.”

John openly admits to learning many of these lessons the hard way. In 1996, with the premature birth of his baby girl, John made the extraordinary choice to shelve his healthcare career - which kept him on the road 3 weeks of every month – in order to become a stay-at-home dad focused on the health and well-being of his child.

“Upon attempting to re-enter the workforce, I quickly discovered that this gap in my professional resume was not looked upon favorably. In spite of the fact that I knew I’d done the right thing for me, my child, and my family, I was now faced with the prospect of having to start over professionally and apologize for it. That was when I knew, beyond a doubt, that somehow, someway I was going in to business for myself.”

Fast forward a few years and John’s entrepreneurial dreams turned in to his reality. With a clearly defined “why”, today John is passionate about assisting others seeking to live life on their own terms.

Known affectionately as “JJ” or “Big John”, John is a gifted portrait artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The University of Oklahoma. In his spare time you can find him coaching his son’s basketball team “The Stingrays”, engaged in a myriad of home improvement and woodworking projects, or managing his family’s farm in southwestern Oklahoma.

After 20 years of enjoying Colorado’s all-too-brief summers and all-too-snowy winters, John recently relocated to South Texas with Lori, his wife of 20 years, his daughter Riley Grace, his son Wyatt, and his swimming pool-loving Labrador Retriever, Aunt Bea.

“Do The Right Thing. Never, Ever Compromise Who You Are.” ~ John Jackson