Everyone has a Why

Do you know yours? Your Why is the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do What you do. Simon Sinek's online Why Discovery course guides you through a step-by-step process to discover your Why Statement.

Learn your Why

The Golden Circle


Every person on the planet knows What they do.
This is your job title, function, the products you sell or services you offer.


Most people know How they do it.
These are the things they do that make them special or set them apart from their peers.


Very few people know WHY they do what they do.
The Why is not about making money - that’s a result. The Why is a purpose, cause or belief.
Your Why is the very reason you exist.

What is a Why Statement?

Your Why provides you with clarity, meaning and direction. It is a filter through which you can make decisions, every day, to bring your cause to life. A Why Statement is one sentence that captures your unique contribution and impact. The contribution is the real actionable part of your Why. The impact is the condition you wish to leave the people and world around you. Together, these two components provide fulfillment for you and those you serve.

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Why Discovery Course


In this interactive course, Simon will act as your video guide as he takes you through exercises to discover, articulate, refine and bring your Why Statement to life.

Intro: How the course works
Part 1: Gather your stories
Part 2: Work with a partner to articulate your Why
Part 3: Refine and take action

For individuals

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Receive 30-Day Habit Changer program to bring your Why to life
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For organizations

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Learn more about discovering your organization or team’s Why
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Salute to Service

We have been profoundly impacted by our work with the men and women in the US Military. To salute those who serve others, active US military and US veterans can access this course for a $10 admin fee.

If you are active US military, email us from your ".mil" email address and include your MOS. Please specify if you wish the course to be set up with an email address other than your “.mil” account.

If you are a US veteran, please email us a PDF copy of your DD214 and black out any personal information, such as your SSN, street address, etc. Be sure to include your full name on the form.

Once your request is processed, you will receive a confirmation email with your login information. These requests are processed every Wednesday.

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