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    *A free copy of the book
    is sent in the U.S. only,
    including Alaska, Hawaii
    and Puerto Rico. If you live
    outside the U.S. and wish
    to receive a free copy of the  
    book, once you purchase the
    course, email us about
    shipping rates. 


    If multiple licenses  of the
    course are purchased,
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    Nobody better understands
    the meaning of service than
    the men and woman in the
    United States Military.

    -Simon Sinek

    Why Discovery
    Course 2.0!

    Approximate course time is 7 -9 hours

    In this video led course:

    • Simon will walk you step-by-step through his
      Why Discovery Process
    • Clearly articulate your unique Why Statement
    • Learn the architecture of a Why Statement
    • Explore the importance of two interrelated ideas:
      Contribution + Impact
    • Get some tips on what to do now that you know your Why
    • Receive a free paperback copy of the book,Start With Why, with each license of the course (*Free shipping in U.S. only).


    We learned a lot about the
    Why Discovery Process since
    we launched version 1.0
    in 2011. We took what
    we learned and redesigned
    the course to make it more
    simple to navigate, shorter
    and more efficient. We have
    also added new videos and
    tips from Simon. We hope
    this course helps you do
    the things that inspire you!
    Let us know what you think.
    Note: for best results, we
    recomend you work with a
    partner of your choosing
    for 2 -3 hours of the course.
    For You (Single License)
    If you'd like to learn your Why, this is the option for you. Simply add to you cart, login and access your course. 
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    For Coaches and Consultants
    If your business is to help others find their Why, this is for you. You get a special facilitator license that ... MORE
    allows you to track each individual’s progress as they go through the course. It’s a great way for any coach or consultant to work along side their clients as they navigate the Why Discovery process.

    Please note: A facilitator license does not provide you with automatic access to the course. For example, if you purchase 2 licenses, you could apply 1 license for your own use and the other for someone else. 

    This option is ideal for coaches or consultants who use the Why Discovery Course as part of their process and for anyone who wishes to share the Why with others. LESS
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    Enterprise Edition
    If you are interested in licensing the course for your leadership or employees, speak to our team.


    Salute To Service

    The best leaders are those that understand the meaning of service, those who are wiling to sacrifice for
    their own people. This is why we choose to spend time and energy learning from and supporting
    those who live in service to others.

    As a small token of appreciation for your service, we wish to give you the gift of Why. We are pleased to
    provide U.S. active military and veterans, home and abroad, with complimentary access to our online
    Why Discovery Course - an interactive Why Discovery where Simon serves as your video guide.

    Please note that we will not be providing a complimentary paperback copy of the Start With Why book
    with this special Salute to Service offer. 

    How do I apply to receive free access to the course?


    Active Military
    • Email us at from your ".mil" email address.
      Please provide a PDF copy of your Active Military ID (front only with your chip and MOS
      blocked off) OR write in from your ".mil" address and include your MOS.
    • If you prefer your account email to be something other than your ".mil" address,
      please provide an alternate email address in your original email to us.
    • Once we receive your request, we will set you up with access to the course and
      respond to you via email.
    • Email us at with a PDF copy of your
      DD214. Please blank out any personal information including your SSN, street
      address, etc. You must include your full name on the form.
    • Once we receive your request, we will set you up with access to the course and
      respond to you via email.

    Thank you for your service. Inspire on!