End of Part 3 Summary
Why Discovery Course
Congratulations, you completed the course!

This PDF is a summary of your Why Discovery Course. Some people like to print it out and save it to reflect on at a later date. You can find both summaries in your profle at anytime, even after your course has expired.



Partially prepopulated...

Most of the themes you listed below will be your Hows. Our Hows are the actions we take to bring our Why to life. Most people have four to five distinct Hows. Take a look at your second list below; the Narrow Themes Exercise. See if you can state your themes as Hows. Hows must be verbs. They must be actionable and you must be able to hold yourself accountable to them. For example, "Being innovative" is a state of being, not an action. Instead, your How could be "Provide options to any solution." You can even write a sentence or two to defne each How.
1. Commit to having the courage and discipline it takes to live your Why.

2. Think of it like riding a bicycle. It takes practice to start with Why, and over time it becomes natural.

3.Take it slowly. Pick up to three areas where you can commit to implementing your Why.

4. Write your Why statement on several sticky notes and place them around your home and/or office to be constantly reminded of it.

5. Opt in to the Habit Changer (include link).

6. Choose to associate with people who inspire you and believe what you believe. The more you talk about and embrace your Why, the easier it will be to find people who believe what you believe.

7. Surround yourself with symbols or pictures of anything that inspires you.

8. Pick one thing you can do today in your current role to help amplify your Why.

9. Notice when you're tempted to make decisions based purely on money or status. Chances are these decisions won't align with your Why.

10. Actively seek out inspiration so you can inspire others.
Those who are the most effective at applying the principles of the Golden Circle in all they do, tend to share a few characteristics:

It takes courage to put a movement above all else, even shortterm financial gains.

An open mind
An open mind makes way for new ideas and new perspectives, even if they challenge conventional assumptions. Belief in those around you None of us is as powerful alone as we are with a team to support us.

Long-term view
To truly affect change requires a long-term goal and the ability to make decisions that will impact the long-term.

Talk is cheap. Those who act, lead.