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Everybody Matters: Leadership Book Bundle
I can no longer be accused of being a crazy idealist if what I believe exists in reality. 

My dear friend, Bob Chapman, is the chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, an organization that measures their success by the way they touch the lives of people. They do not consider head count, they call it heart count. They happen to be a global manufacturing and engineering services firm with over 8,000 employees and $2 billion in yearly revenues.

Read "Everybody Matters" if you wish to learn about an organization that practices Truly Human Leadership. It is my hope that books like this make organizations like Barry-Wehmiller the rule and not the exception. 

We have a limited run of 50 copies of Bob's new book with autographed book plates. Order Bob's book only or get both autographed copies of "Everybody Matters" and "Leaders Eat Last."